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Benefits of Walking during Your Lunch Break

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Waking up early in the morning, commuting for over an hour, and leaving the office as the sun sets may seem like a never ending day. You probably don’t even want to think about working out and would rather go to sleep. But did you ever consider exercising while at work? Using your lunch break to eat healthy and take a walk could be the best decision you make to help your drowsiness.

Another benefit of walking during your break is that it may have a positive effect on your productivity. Ready to get started? First, research and find a route near your workplace to walk for 20 to 30 minutes each day. You can begin by walking slowly to warm up and stretch your muscles. Stretching is a key component of this exercise because you can avoid injury and soreness afterwards. By the end of your walk, you should be sweating and your heart rate should be up in order to feel the benefits.


In addition to walking, eating healthy will make you feel better about yourself. While you are walking, try eating an energy bar or drinking a nutritional shake. Also, hydrating yourself with water is extremely important so you don’t feel weak or even faint outside during hot weather. Remember, even though you are taking your lunch break to exercise, never skip your meal. While outside, try to focus your mind on something else other than work. This can help you have a clear head when you get back so you can forget about the stresses from your day.

At Distinctive Insurance, we hope you will take advantage of your lunch break. You may not have the time at home to exercise, but taking any opportunity you can, even at work, will benefit your productivity and stress level. Making sure you stay healthy and active will prevent drowsiness, especially on the road. Taking control of your well being may also influence your co workers to join you, creating a more health conscious company.


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